Sonechko Ukrainian Bilingual Daycare
IMPORTANT: Please note that Sonechko Daycare is NOT in operation. Registrations can not be accepted at this time.

The inaugural AGM of the Sonechko Ukrainian Bilingual Daycare was held on February 10, 2014.

Much planning and work has been done in organizing Sonechko Daycare. However, lack of Provincial Government support funding is holding back its progress. At this point, it is not known when the Daycare will be opening but, we are still hoping for the future.

The mission of the Sonechko Ukrainian Bilingual Childcare Centre (Sonechko) is to provide first class child daycare service in both the English and Ukrainian language that promotes the growth of the whole child in all areas of development as set out in Sonechko’s programming philosophy with emphasis on Ukrainian culture, song, arts and crafts as an integral part of the child’s daycare experience.

Thank-you for your interest and support.

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This site was developed with the assistance of the Ukrainian National Federation and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Saskatchewan Provincial Council.

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